Princess Project McKinney Non-Profit Christian Based Organization Helping Vulnerable Girls in Africa

Princess Project McKinney brings hope and opportunity to hurting girls in Southern Sierra Leone Africa. Our mission is to help at-risk and victimized girls find the plan and gifts that God has given them. Our hope is to empower the victims and turn tragedy into something incredible.

Inspired by a young girl named, Princess, Princess Project McKinney grew from a seed God had planted in the founder’s heart. An orphaned girl living with 20 other girls in an orphanage, Princess changed his life forever. When the founder, Mike Di Leo, asked about ministries for girls in the area he learned there were none. From there, Princess Project non-profit organization grew.

Working alongside Restore Hope and Love One Another, Princess Project Christian organization reunifies children with a relative upon leaving the Restore Hope safe house. The reunification package includes school uniform, mattress, rice and fees for the year. Serving girls 14 years and younger, we redirect the child’s path through counseling, tutoring and Christ-centered mentoring.

The vision of Princess Project non-profit organization is centered upon the Lord. Our strategy and programs educate, empower, disciple and promote healing to the victimized girls of Sierra Leone. Through generous donations and volunteer work, Princess Project is helping vulnerable girls in Africa become leaders for the next generation.

Shining the light of Christ to girls living in the darkest places.

Far too many vulnerable children are enslaved to sexual and physical abuse. Through God, we are able to offer a safe environment and the necessary tools to prevent future victimization. Our hope is to share this model to help our mission grow by empowering young girls and their caregiver.

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