Providing freedom, hope and healing so girls can live abundant lives in Christ.


Providing a safe home for girls when abuse has been identified


Four to six months of love, nurturing, safety, and counseling to promote healing


Child placement into a home to a willing and safe relative


Redirecting a child’s path with Christ-centered mentoring, counseling, tutoring and skills training

About Us

Princess Project is a way out for girls trapped in vulnerable and abusive situations in Sierra Leone, Africa. We provide freedom, hope, and healing so these girls can live abundant lives in Christ. We do this by partnering with Love One Another Children Ministries, a Sierra Leone local ministry. Our focus is on vulnerable, abused, neglected, trafficked, and orphaned young girls between the ages of 4 and 14. We have an interim care center to provide a safe place for these girls before they are reunified into a stable home in the community.


Princess Project’s goal is to provide a safe space for young girls being neglected in Sierra Leone, Africa and enable them to be restored through The Gospel. Princess Project partners with Love One Another Children’s Ministry to equip and empower the locals in Sierra Leone. Contributions to Princess Project fund the girls’ safe house, 14 staff members and individual girls’ sponsorships. Our desire is to empower these precious girls so they have the opportunity to turn something tragic into a victory with the help of our Lord Jesus. We offer tools that allow these girls to learn and flourish as The Lord made them to, empowering them to become strong women of God.


Healing through
Group Counseling
Mentor and
Their Voice
Legal Justice
After School
Discipleship and
Spiritual Growth


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Since 2016, Princess Project has provided tools and support for vulnerable girls in Sierra Leone, Africa. A large majority of young girls in Sierra Leone are subject to neglect and abuse.


By partnering with a local Sierra Leonean ministry, Love One Another Children’s Ministry, we are able to turn a story of tragedy into an opportunity through the power of The Lord Jesus. Princess Project exists to empower young girls to be all they were created to be.


The vision of Princess Project is Christ-centered but we accept every child exactly where they are. God blesses us with talents and gifts and we follow His example and teachings. Our dream is to empower young girls through the love of God. By offering a safe home and Christ-centered programs, these girls can avoid further abuse and neglect. Our hope is to offer guidance and support so young girls may be restored in mind, body and spirit and encouraged to love others in Christ’s name.


Through counseling, tutoring, skills training and Christ-centered mentoring, a new path is paved to spur on these young girls to become leaders of their generation. Princess Project provides young girls with programs that educate, empower, disciple and promote healing such as:


Discipleship and Spiritual Growth


Healing through Group Counseling


Mentor and Leadership Coaching


Empowering their Voice


Pursuing Legal Justice


Expanding Community Awareness


Caregiver Empowerment


After-School Tutoring


As a non-501c3 ministry, Princess Project relies upon generous contributions. With God’s guidance, we can turn tragedy into something of hope for the young girls of Sierra Leone.